Senior Design

Project Statement

Extensive efforts have been invested in the last two decades in attempts to understand how students learn and in development of assessment tools to evaluate learning. Yet the challenges remain.

Proposed is a project creating a new path in the industry. This project involves the designing and testing, of a LearnTrace for diagnosing learning style. The LearnTrace is a problem solving simulator for identifying phases for individuals through tracing information processing and solution analysis.

The LearnTrace will be deployed over the web. LearnTrace will allow for easy authoring of problems; that includes well-designed user interfaces, databases for data collection, analyzers, etc. The system will be gated with userID's and Passwords.

LearnTrace's primary client is Iowa State University. If successful in test trials at ISU, LearnTrace has the potential to expand to other universities or educational institutions.


This project is entirely within our capability. For the fall semester, our deliverables included a series of design documents along with a functioning skeleton of the project. Many of the team members have experience with web design and database operations. We chose to create the LearnTrace using python, and one of our group members is a subject matter expert in this technology. We also have a group member that has experience working with linux servers.

The project client is available for weekly meetings to answer any questions about the project requirements. The internet provides many resources for tackling any technical questions that arise throughout the semester.


To help assess students and evaluate learning styles, there will be analysis of the many interactions the student has within the WebPortal. Analysis will contain but not limited to the amount of time supplied information is viewed, the amount of time to complete a question or task, correct questions, and which, if any, resources used.

Andy Guibert

Is a senior in Computer Engineering and will be graduating in May 2015. I specialize in Java EE based middleware and databases. Currently I'm learning web, mobile, and app server development. Besides work/education I enjoy water skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, and gaming

Jon Mielke

I am a senior in Computer Engineering graduating in May 2015. My past work gives me experience with both front end and back end web application development using java and javascript.

Travis Reed

Is a Senior in Computer Engineering, graduating in May 2015. I specialize in cloud based applications written in python and javascript.

Andrew Hartman

Hi, I'm a Senior in Computer Engineering, and plan on graduating in Spring 2015. In my free time like to spend time with friends, playing tennis, or kayaking

Lucas Rohret

Senior in Computer Engineering. Current intern at The Principal Financial Group with plans to work in application development post-graduation.